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Yearbook Distribution

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

In our previous blog, we talked about Yearbook Sales, in this blog we’ll be talking about yearbook distribution. Both topics are so important because, with careful planning, you can boost and generate additional yearbook sales through yearbook distribution.

Here’s how…

Step 1 – Make it an exclusive event (Issue a VIP invitation to anyone who has purchased a yearbook)

Turn a typical yearbook book distribution event into an autograph party. Make sure to have it one period before lunch period! If you make this event as exclusive as possible, students who don’t have a yearbook yet will feel the need to purchase one to join in on the fun! In May 2019, UYB hosted a yearbook autograph signing party in Baldwin Park High School’s gym—the yearbooks were sold out for the first time in the school's history because the students wanted to attend the exclusive autograph signing party. The fear of missing out on all of the fun works!

The fear of missing out on all of the fun works!

Step 2 - The meaning of a yearbook – School Spirit

Make the yearbook distribution a memorable and exciting event that leaves a lasting impression on students. Besides just serving food and snacks, invite a few students to share their yearbook stories! Ask them what their yearbook means to them, what they hope it will represent in the future, and how they want it to impact them and those around them later on in life. The yearbook is more than just a school publication, it documents a period of these students' lives and encapsulates it forever.

The yearbook is more than just a school publication, it documents a period of these students' lives and encapsulates it forever.

Step 3 – Photobooth

Who doesn’t love to take pictures with their friends!? This is especially true for graduating students! Set up a fun photo booth for students to take photos with their friends and peers. Create a backdrop that goes with the theme of the yearbook cover. Even consider making a blow-up poster of the yearbook that includes the school year on it.

Who doesn’t love to take pictures with their friends!?

Step 4 – Final checklist

If you begin to plan now, your yearbook distribution will be a fun and effortless event! Our team at UYB has offered this checklist to help you bring this memorable event to life.

Before the distribution date

  • Set a date, time, and location (e.g. gym) for the yearbook autography signing party.

  • Include the details of the event in the email and text blasts and make sure to include the purchase link to bring in more yearbook sales.

  • Advertise the event around campus by using posters and social media!

  • Have the yearbook staff prepare the physical VIP cards and deliver them to the students during their class. Make it as secretive and enticing as possible so other students who have not purchased the yearbook will want to find out how to get the VIP invitation.

  • Send a digital VIP invitation and a reminder to those who have already purchased the yearbook.

  • Delegate the tasks (food preparation, greeting, staffing the photo booth, photographers, videographers, MC, DJ, clean-up, etc.) among the yearbook staff and volunteers.

On the day of the distribution

  • Set up several tables depending on the number of attendees (1 table for every 80-100 purchasers) at the entrance of the venue so the students can check-in and grab their yearbook before entering the venue.

  • Prepare the sign-up sheet or a digital sign-up device for the students to sign after they receive their yearbook copy.

  • Have at least two yearbook staff members or volunteers meet and greet the student attendees by the door before they enter the venue.

  • Have the MC direct the agenda of the entire event.

After the day of the distribution

  • It’s not uncommon for some students to not pick up their yearbooks on the day of distribution. The yearbooks could be temporarily stored in the yearbook adviser’s classroom for students to pick up later.

Using the weekly email and text blasts, poster display, exclusive VIP invitations, and social media to promote the autographed distribution, is truly an effective way to give the yearbook sales a final push before the school year comes to an end.

United Yearbook regularly offers workshops and resources on this and other topics, for both new and experienced advisors. To learn more, contact us at 877-489-7462,, or visit our website at


Sarah Y. Tse, Yearbook Creation Specialist

Sarah received her M.A. in Marketing from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and her B.A. in Computer Graphics Design from Biola University. She co-founded TSE Worldwide Press in 2004, and established United Yearbook Printing in 2008. Sarah takes pleasure in mentoring and teaching others the art of self publishing, especially with those who are first-time authors, teenagers, or community leaders such as police officers, school administrators, and school teachers. Sarah is passionate about empowering people to see and activate the God-given potential which resides in each of us. Sarah’s motto is “You can do it!”

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