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A group of yearbook advisers and student leaders during our summer workshop




A note from Sarah Y. Tse, Founder

United Yearbook Family,

United Yearbook is a company that values innovation in yearbook production and empowering every client we come into contact with. However, as a company, we are only able to achieve our unmatched innovation and customer service because we are committed to our employees first. Since we are located in Southern California, we acknowledge the beauty in diversity of race, ethnicity, age, religion, ability and life experiences; and we strive to reflect that within our staff.
We can only perform our best when every employee is uplifted with respect, dignity and empowered in who they are and their unique background.

We are continually learning, as a company, to find way to increase our diversity and awareness of this topic.

How We Will Do This

At United Yearbook, Diversity and Inclusion is more than just policies and practice–it is our value and commitment to making our company more holistic.

  • We will educate all staff and new hires on unconscious bias, microaggressions and cross-cultural communication.

  • Our workforce, including leadership, will increase in diversity.

  • We will actively examine our own company to ensure we are adhering to the unique needs of our staff.

  • We will look for ways to increase the accessibility of our products and services to our employees and users with disabilities.

United Yearbook will continue to hold diversity and inclusion as essential values to support our core values. Addressing issues of diversity and inclusion is the work of us all, and we want to do our part.

In order to best represent United Yearbook elsewhere, we must, first, ensure that our employees have representation within the company.

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