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This yearbook opens up into the shape of a surfboard.
This 3-panel pages are called gatefold, featuring 8th graders' portraits.

8th graders' portraits displayed in 3-panel gatefolds; Open size: 17"(W) X 11"(H); Page count: 172 pages

This yearbook is wrapped inside a paper sleeve with a movable clapper.
This yearbook comes with two pieces, a book and a sleeve with a movable clapper made with cardstock.
The back cover is wrapped with royal blue fabric and a star is stamped with glittery gold foil.

A book cover case in the shape of a surf board; Open size: 33"(W) X 9"(H); Page count: 172 pages

Upgrade: A Cover sleeve turned into a director's clapper; gold foil-stamping on the front and back over blue fabric case

Flocking or fluffy powder has been added to the coguar to give the front cov a touch and feel effect
The heat-sensitive cover reveals the hidden image underneath the black ink when it is exposed to hea
The printed mascot is erected when the yearbook is open or turned
This two-Sided Reversible Sequins Fabric holds the school logo and its mascot in two  images
The school mascot is engraved onto the front cover using a special effect called Lasercut.

Double-sequin; Open size: 18"(W) X 11"(H); Page count: 172 pages 

Laser-cut on Wibalin cover case: 18"(W) X 11"(H); Page count: 172 pages

Flocking gives touch and feel effect

Heat-sensitive Cover Case (images on the cover will be revealed when exposed to heat)


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