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United Yearbook Curriculum

Includes: Instructional Guides & Curriculum Presentations

Seven instructional guides packed with lesson plans and learning activities for new and veteran advisers.
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Introduction of Curriculum
How to use our Curriculum

Dear Yearbook Friends, 


United Yearbook is passionate about partnering with advisers to help teach the yearbook staff. We intend for our curriculum's Instructional Guides and Curriculum Presentations to be used by advisers and not simply given to students. These guides were developed to provide information and resource materials to advisers as they establish their classroom instruction. We've included lesson plans and learning activity examples within each Instructional Guide. Although we hope you will find these examples helpful, they are not meant to replace the day-to-day work of a classroom teacher. Click here to read our frequently asked questions.


Happy Yearbooking!

Learn how to use our instructional guides

Instructional Guide No. 1 Modules

Each Instructional Guide includes four to six modules

Below are the modules for Booklet No. 1 & No. 2.
Each module
 represents a curriculum presentation packed with teacher's notes, YouTube videos, hot links and more!

Digital Citizenship

Learn how to use our Instructional Guides & Curriculum Presentations 

Digital Citizenship Module
Quick Preview only 

Legal Disclaimer: Our resource materials (including the instructional guides and PowerPoint presentations) are strictly for instructors or teachers to use in a classroom setting. They are not for resale. Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


Frequently asked questions


Curriculum Presentations

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