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Meet Our Advisory Board


Donna Ladner, Member

Ms Ladner has been the editor-in-chief for TSE Worldwide Press for over a decade. She is very observant and puts full effort into the work that she produces. Her feedback to United Yearbook is necessary as she helps reign us in and keep our focus. She continuously puts both her skills and ability to make wise decisions at the forefront of our work at United Yearbook.

Joon Kim portrait

Joon Kim, Member

Mr. Kim has been a teacher for three decades and was a former yearbook adviser. He has a heart for cultivating student leaders and being an avid mentor. His critical eye helps give his team members necessary constructive feedback to help make each piece of work we produce outstanding! He has an innovative mind and is constantly pushing our team to think bigger than ourselves.

Lucy McHugh portrait

Lucy McHugh, Member

Ms. McHugh is a retired teacher of 35 years and was a former yearbook adviser. She cared deeply about each student she had in her class and took it to heart to nurture young minds. Being a yearbook adviser is a part of her life that she relished and excelled in. As a graphic designer, she helps bring many of the creative ideas and visions to life.

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