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Meet Our Advisory Board

Lucy McHugh portrait

Lucy McHugh

Lucy McHugh is a former yearbook adviser and a retired teacher of 35 years. During her time as a teacher, she cared deeply about each student in her class, nurturing their young hearts and minds. Yearbook advising was a part of her life that she relished and excelled in. Now, as a graphic designer and leadership mentor, she draws on her experience in the classroom to help United Yearbook bring your creative ideas to life.

Joon Kim portrait

Joon Kim

Joon Kim is a former yearbook adviser and has been a teacher for three decades. He has a heart for cultivating student leaders and strives to be an avid mentor. His critical eye helps give his team members the necessary constructive feedback to make everything we produce outstanding! He has an innovative mind and constantly pushes our team to think beyond ourselves.


Jessica Carrera

Jessica Carrera graduated from Biola University with a Bachelor’s Degree in English. She has a heart to see both advisers and staff members realize their creative ideas. Her leadership skills, fresh marketing perspective, and positive attitude push our team to make decisions focused on the good of our advisers and staff members.

Donna Ladner spoke at GGHS_edited.jpg

Donna Ladner

Donna Ladner has been the editor-in-chief and executive administrator for TSE Worldwide Press, the parent company of United Yearbook, for over a decade. She is very observant and puts full effort into everything she does. Her feedback to United Yearbook is necessary as she helps reign us in and remain focused. Without her skills and her wise decision-making, United Yearbook would not be what it is today.

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