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Frequently Asked Questions

United Yearbook® is available to answer your questions 7 days a week. 

Listed here are the most frequent questions asked by our customers. 

Please contact us if you don’t see your particular question listed here.

Is the design software provided by United Yearbook®​ compatible for both Mac and PC?

A: Our software comes with both online and desktop versions, and both platforms are compatible with Mac and PC’s.  The online version can be operated using a browser with no restrictions on the device.  However, we do recommend using a laptop or a desktop computer to design the yearbook layout. 

Is software training and technical support included in the yearbook contract? 

A: Yearbook software training is included and technical support is available 7 days a week.

What type of binding is used with yearbooks manufactured by United Yearbook®? 

A: United Yearbook® binds all our yearbooks, both paperback and hard cover, with “section-sewn” or “smyth-sewing”.  This powerful binding ensures each yearbook is tightly bound with little chance of falling apart even after years and years of handling.  

I want to increase my yearbook order.  What is the final date I may do so without jeopardizing the final delivery schedule? 

A: You may place an additional order up to two weeks before the final submission deadline.  

How often will our yearbook representative visit our class throughout the year?

A: The yearbook representative will schedule a meeting with the yearbook adviser during the Summer months.  During the meeting, we will discuss the goals and lesson plans for our workshops and software training.  In the Fall when school begins, there will be regularly scheduled campus visits, in addition to follow-up emails, social media information, and/or phone calls. 

How do we avoid any unexpected surprises when we receive our final bill?  

A: The school pays only for services outlined clearly in the yearbook contract.  Any extra charges must be approved by the authorized agent from the school administration first before the additional service is rendered.  There will be no surprises on billing matters.  United Yearbook® does not use "surprise billing" to negotiate a renewal of a yearbook contract!

How can I accentuate the content and events in the yearbook before the final submission?  

A: You can incorporate the additional content on the printed supplement pages.  

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