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We Love To Help You Teach!

At United Yearbook, our mission is to provide innovative resources and walk alongside you to bring your creative ideas to life. Our website declares on its landing page, “If you can dream it, we can build it!” United Yearbook believes in customizing particular needs to meet specific challenges. This is not limited to the actual yearbook. It also includes instruction.

We Love To Help You Teach!

We can help you educate your students in everything from yearbook design and workflow processes, team building and interpersonal communication. We have podcasts, handouts, online curriculum, and in-person workshops that we can provide right in your classroom. We understand that each adviser, school and team is different. So, even our workshops can be customized to meet your specific needs. We've done it before, it works, and it's all yours at no additional cost!

Why Use United Yearbook?

This image shows Chris Botello, Adobe expert. United Yearbook is partnering with him to provide Adobe Seminar options.

Professional Development CreditUnited Yearbook is partnering with yearbook adviser and National Geographic author, Chris Botello, to bring strategically smart skills in Photoshop and InDesign. United Yearbook believes proficiency with Adobe products provides students a seamless entry into the workforce or post-secondary setting. Equipping teachers to support students in this endeavor sets up both the teacher and the students for success. Additionally, Chris will share suggestions for yearbook content organization and management, as well as efficient and effective design for page spread layouts. This online seminar series will be offered in both synchronous and asynchronous format. Seminar One begins in September 2023. Professional Development Credit is available.

This image shows the United Yearbook website where you can find the master classes that are offered.

Yearbook Staff Workshops & Master Classes–United Yearbook provides expertise in hands-on classroom based workshops. We present a range of topics, from developing necessary software skills to understanding PLICbook, our yearbook software platform to writing photo captions well. Whatever your students’ needs, United Yearbook can design a workshop or an after school Master Class to complement your instructional goals. United Yearbook believes in promoting student leadership. If you’d like assistance with energizing student leadership, we can assist you in your efforts. Again, United Yearbook is a partner with the adviser in the education of the yearbook staff. In addition to on site workshops and Master Classes, synchronous and asynchronous formats can be made available.

This image shows the yearbook advisers tab where you can find the curriculum on  United Yearbook's website.

Yearbook Curriculum–United Yearbook’s approach to curriculum is a series of topical instructional guides. Partnering with advisers to teach their yearbook staff, United Yearbook Printing intends that their curriculum's Instructional Guides are used by advisers only, and not simply given to students. These guides were developed to provide relevant content and resource materials to aid advisers in the development of their own classroom instruction. There are lesson plans and learning activity examples included within each of the Instructional Guides. Those examples do not replace the day to day work of a classroom teacher. However, United Yearbook can assist in the design of specific curricular materials, if required. Please feel free to contact United Yearbook with requests.

Picture of United Yearbook's website to show which tab you can find the blog under..

United Yearbook Advisers’ Blog–Throughout the year, United Yearbook assembles the best ‘yearbook thinking’ from past and present advisers and presents that content through its website’s Tools For Advisers–Our Blog. The Blogs’ content aligns with the real time action in the classroom. When you might need suggestions on how to present layout options, you’ll have access in the Fall when you need it most, not in the Spring when the yearbook is nearly complete. In addition to being available in print form and shared through United Yearbook social media pages, Our Blog is also being converted to sound! Listen for an expanded United Yearbook podcast!

Relax this summer, and enjoy the fruits of the very successful yearbook you’ve created with your staff. If you want to jumpstart the year and begin to plan your yearbook class, United Yearbook stands by ready to help.

Former yearbook advisor, Lucy McHugh

Contributor: Lucy McHugh comes to United Yearbook Printing from a 39-year career in public and private school education. She was a former visual art teacher and yearbook adviser. She received a Bachelors of Science in Art from Columbia College in Columbia, SC, a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Nebraska in 2000, and in 2014 earned a Certificate in Catholic School Leadership from Loyola Marymount University. Lucy enjoys her family, making art and gardening.

Editor, Donna Ladner

Editor: Donna Ladner obtained a B.A. in Education and a minor in English from California Baptist University, and a M.S. in ESL from USC, Los Angeles. After she married Daniel, their family moved to Indonesia with a non-profit organization and lived cross-culturally for 15 years before returning to the U.S in 2012. Donna has been working as an editor and proofreader for TSE Worldwide Press and its subsidiary, United Yearbook since 2015.


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