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United Yearbook wants to welcome you back to school. We are striving to help ease your burdens during these first weeks of school and to be an invaluable resource for you, as the yearbook adviser. We know how hectic the first part of the semester can be, and we want to partner with you in the midst of the chaos! Over the summer we worked hard to develop and hone different resources for you to use and benefit from! Today, we’ll walk through a handful of those resources and provide insight to help keep you up to date and provide some much-needed relief.

This webinar was created out of the very real need there is in the yearbook community to be learners and feel supported

Building a community of advisers is important because we are able to glean from and share valuable information with one another. Sensing a powerful and genuine need within the yearbook community to feel supported and to find helpful tools, we created a webinar series. This webinar was created out of the very real need there is in the yearbook community to be learners and feel supported. Our upcoming Adobe Photoshop Webinar is a space for many advisers to learn from a fellow adviser, Chris Botello! An Adobe-published author, Chris has been a yearbook adviser for many years. His passion for Adobe tools will drive this webinar series. On September 19th, Chris will start off the series by covering a wide range of topics and tools within Photoshop so advisers at any level of experience can gain new information and help. Mark September 19 on your calendars today! To learn more, or to sign up now, click this link.

The newsletter is a product of many minds coming together to bring you relevant resources

Our weekly newsletter is another wonderful resource we provide. Discover our timely tips and resources that you can apply immediately while keeping up to date with all that is happening at United Yearbook. The newsletter is a product of many minds coming together to bring you relevant resources. For the past few weeks, we have been providing FREE beginning-of-the-year presentations to help ease your stress. Topics include Journalistic Code, Assessment Standards, Creative Process, and more! Subscribe to our newsletter here and don’t miss our next few FREE presentations!

Our robust curriculum is made for advisers at every level. Whether you are a new adviser who is feeling completely overwhelmed, or a seasoned adviser with years of experience, we've designed our curriculum to meet you where you are. We also offer free workshops. Schedule one with us today to learn more about our incredible curriculum or the software program we offer.

United Yearbook is intentional about the way we partner with yearbook advisers. We see your needs and connect personally. These few resources are only the tip of the iceberg of the resources and care we provide. If you would like to learn more about what we’ve been doing here at United Yearbook or want to find out more about our company, head over to our website! We’d love to connect with you. And, don’t forget to follow us on social media (@unitedyearbook) where we provide a variety of tips, updates, and blog posts!

Contributor: Jessica Carrera, Marketing Manager for United Yearbook and Associate Editor at TSE Worldwide Press, holds a B.A. in English with a concentration in writing from Biola University. She aspires to touch the lives of others through her words.

Editor, Donna Ladner

Editor: Donna Ladner obtained a B.A. in Education and a minor in English from California Baptist University, and a M.S. in ESL from USC, Los Angeles. After she married Daniel, their family moved to Indonesia with a non-profit organization and lived cross-culturally for 15 years before returning to the U.S in 2012. Donna has been working as an editor and proofreader for TSE Worldwide Press and its subsidiary, United Yearbook since 2015.

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