Different techniques for emotion regulation, and their impact on your life

In a psychological study, it was found that "Higher levels of dispositional mindfulness were associated with higher levels of positive emotions, mood regulation expectancies, and self-acceptance, which in turn, were all negatively related to depressive symptoms" (Jimenez et al., 2010).*

*Jimenez, S. S., Niles, B. L., & Park, C. L. (2010). A mindfulness model of

affect regulation and depressive symptoms: Positive emotions, mood

regulation expectancies, and self-acceptance as regulatory mechanisms. Personality and Individual Differences, 49(6), 645-650.


Paola Perez, United Yearbook

Paola Perez is the Wellness Specialist for United Yearbook, which is a subsidiary company of TSE Worldwide Press. She utilizes her education and training in clinical psychology to provide helpful wellness tips for our yearbook community.

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