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📢Memories of a Time & Place 
Yearbooks evoke memories of a time and place. One way to reflect on those memories is through a "Year In Review" spread (or a printed gatefold.) It highlights important events which happened both in and our of your school throughout the past 12 months. United Yearbook's "Year In Review" compliments your yearbook content!


📢What United Yearbook's "Year in Review" Includes: 

✔ Comes in a gatefold format rather than a traditional spread 
✔ An adhesive strip placed near the gutter allows easy attachment to the yearbook 
✔ Follows trends in Pop Culture, Fashion, Film, Music and Social Media along with Gaming & Anime cultures and more! 

✔ Provides a synopsis of sports, news, and world events.


"Year in Review" is a great marketing and fundraising tool!

2024 - 2025 Year in Review (Printed Gatefold, portrait. 8.5" x 11" X 150 sets)

Sales Tax Included
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