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How to Write Captions Well–A picture deserves the right words to tell the best story possible! This infographic shares what a caption needs in order to work well. Yearbooks act not only as a historical account of the year, but also as a book of memories. A book of pictures without the context that captions bring are merely pictures whose memories fade. Twenty years into the future, the picture and its caption will bring the memories of that moment into sharper focus. Keep this poster near the yearbook staff’s workstations!



Cover Case–Creating a Cover Case requires a certain set of information and features a design that initiates a theme and style that will permeate the entire yearbook. Yearbooks are historical as well as reference documents. As such, they need to provide the reader with specifics like year, school, volume number, etc. The cover case design can be a crossover page spread design, a design that moves from the front to the back, or it can be two stand alone but related designs. This poster captures the most important information and keeps it in front of your staff.



We All Belong in the Yearbook! This poster is an invitation and a visual reminder to all–the yearbook belongs to everyone, and everyone belongs in the yearbook! Belonging increases the likelihood of success in school. Let the yearbook become a bridge to building unending success at your school. Place this poster outside the yearbook classroom and at strategic locations across the school campus. Use it to inspire students’ voices and stories to be heard and seen throughout the yearbook.


18" x 24" Printed Classroom Posters (Three sold together)

$28.00 Regular Price
$22.40Sale Price
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