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Incorporating Innovation In Education

Eric Hartman, who has been a teacher for almost twenty years, has worked with students in every grade from K-12. He is currently a technology teacher, but served as a yearbook adviser for seven years, retiring from it in May 2021. What he enjoys most about education is the look on his students’ faces when he gets to introduce them to something new and exciting, which he calls “Innovation in Education.”

As Eric put it himself:

"my students today will be the ones who innovate tomorrow.."

“Innovation in education encourages teachers and students to explore the known and the unknown, and to uncover new things. It involves a different way of looking at and solving problems, because it compels students to use a higher level of thinking. It is especially significant because my students today will be the ones who innovate tomorrow, so educators like myself must constantly update their processes and introduce new practices that better prepare students for that future.” 2/2 Educational innovation doesn’t just happen in the classroom, though—as Eric knows fully well, student empowerment can also happen through yearbook customization and leadership opportunities for young staffers.

"Innovation in education encourages teachers and students to explore the known and the unknown, and to uncover new things..."

Seeing an opportunity in 2020 to expand innovative education to his school’s yearbooks, Eric decided to create something that has truly never been done before—a yearbook that unfolds to make a new shape! In Eric’s case, he chose a surfboard, since his school is located in California. He wanted this yearbook to tell his students to “hang loose” and roll with the punches, especially considering how hard of a year 2020 was for everybody. With the help of United Yearbook Printing, Eric was able to take his idea from vision to final product, and his book brought smiles to the faces of many students.

"United Yearbook is here to support each yearbook team in their unique design journeys."

While our competitors discourage students from being innovative, putting a high price tag on their products and telling students that it is impossible to produce their creative ideas, we are here to support each yearbook team in your unique design journeys.

In particular, we offer standard cover customization options, such as foil-stamping (silver, gold, and pantone), embossing / debossing, die-cutting, heat-sensitivity, and dust-jackets. We also have more specialized and creative options. For example, we can produce double-sequin covers, pop-up features, flocking, scented covers, and books that unfold to make shapes (e.g., surfboard). Visit this link to view our different options for customization!


Alyse Mgrdichian, Senior Editor

Alyse Mgrdichian holds a B.A. from Biola University, having majored in psychology and minored in philosophy. She is a senior editor for TSE Worldwide Press, the parent company of United Yearbook Printing, and she applies her expertise and love of stories to the role.


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