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Like the rest of us, your staff may have short attention spans. It can be hard to keep them focused, especially in November, on a yearbook that won't be published until April or May. We get it, and we have ways to keep your staff excited and motivated. Additionally, we have ways to share that excitement with your whole audience when it's time to sell the book!

Cover Reveal Party

Your cover will be ready well before the rest of your book, so why not show it off first? 

It’s a great way to drum up excitement, and it will be very encouraging for your team to finally see the first piece of their hard work in print.

So let us throw you a party! It's not too fancy, and it's not too much work, but it's fun!

Cover Reveal Party

Book-Signing Party

When your books are ready, you could just set up a table and distribute them...but that'd be a bit anticlimactic, wouldn't it? Why not make it a celebration?


We’ll provide the music and food, you provide the stressed and weary students, and a party will break out! If you make it an “invitation-only” party, reserved for students who have purchased the yearbook, then your sales will go up! Make your book release an event. 

Book Signing Party

Yearbook Empowerment

Your yearbook team works hard, and you appreciate them. It helps team morale if you tell them again and again that you recognize and appreciate all of their hard work. 


Let us help you build your people up with a team celebration, which includes certificates and awards, gift baskets, and other things that let them know that their work has not been forgotten. The party is on us!

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