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Cover Ideas, and Themes


Mascot/School Colors

____ and Black Attack
[Mascot] Unleashed
A [Mascot] ’s Tale
Anatomy of a [Mascot]
As Good as Gold
Bear Necessities
Bear Tracks
Causing an Uproar
Caught Red-Handed
Central Time
Diary of a [Mascot]
Earning our Stripes
Every Dog has its Day
Feeling Blue
Fly Like an Eagle
Getting the Blues
Golden Opportunities
Gold Rush
Grin and Bear It
Have you Herd?
Heart of Gold
In an Uproar
In Black and White
In Dog Years
Knight Vision
Leading the Pack
Out of the Blue
Mad About Plaid
No Greater than a Raider
PACKed House
Part of the Pack
Paws for Reflection
A Paws in Time
Pick of the Litter
Pirate’s Treasure
Purple Reign
Red Hot
Red, White & You
Red, White & New
Seeing Red
See you Later, Alligator
Soar Like an Eagle
Sterling Silver
The [mascot] Way
The Cat’s Out of the Bag
The Dragon’s Lair
The Gold Standard
The Grass is Always Greener
The year of the Dragon
True Blue
We Bleed ___ & ___ [colors]
Welcome to the Jungle
What’s the Buzz
Y not?


9 Lives
15 Minutes of Fame
20/20 Vision
100 Years in the Making
A Backwards Glance
A Perfect Ten
A Roaring Twenty
Five of a Kind
First Class
Four of a Kind
In 25 Words or Less
One in a Hundred
Second to None
Take 5
The Big 4-0
Third Time’s a Charm
Version 1.0 

School Name/Initials

[School] Survival Guide
[School] Scrapbook
The A list
B All You Can B
Beyond [School Name]
C You There
Fits us to a “T”
N Our Words
O my!
R way
U Are Here


Me, you, us
Mind, body, soul
Organized chaos
Simply complicated
The Grind


All Over Town
Along the Way
Around Town
Around the Block
Best in the West
Down the Dirt Road
Eastside Story
Far From It
How the West was Won
Small Town, Big Dreams
Southern Accents
Southern Living
The Road Less Traveled
This Side of the Tracks


A Different Point of View
A Fine Mess
Between Extremes
Breaking New Ground
From Blueprints to Footprints
Ground Breaking
Starting from Scratch
Starting Over
Under Construction
Uniformly Different

Phrases/Play on Words

A Day in the Life
A Face in the Crowd
A Matter of Time
A Year Like No Other
Above & Beyond
Acting Our Age
After the Fact
Any Given Day
As a Matter of Fact
At First Glance
Been There, Done That
Before You Know It
Best Face Forward
Best Kept Secret
Better Than Ever
Beyond the Stars
Beyond Words
Breaking the Mold
By All Means
By Definition
By Popular Demand
By the Book
Case in Point
Cause & Effect
Class Act
Count On It
Dare to Dream
Day After Day
Deal With It
Defining Moments
Déja Vu
Double Take
Endless Possibilities
Enough Said
Every Now and Then
Express Yourself
Fast Forword
Feature Presentation
Fired Up
For Keeps
For the Record
Frame by Frame
From Reel to Real
Fun and Games
From Every Angle
Get in the Game
Get to the Point
Going Places
Going to Extremes
Great Expectations
Here and Now
In a Snap
In and Out
In Other Words
Inside Out
In the Cards
It’s Showtime
Just Wait and See
Larger Than Life
Lasting Impressions
Leaving Our Mark
Lights, Camera, Action
Like Never Before
Like You Mean It
Look Again
Loud & Clear
Passing Time
Picture Perfect
Piece by Piece
Made to Order
Made You Look
Make it Happen
Making the Grade
Mission: Possible
Mix it Up
More or Less
My Squad
Never Before
No Doubt About It
No Excuses
No Limits
Now & Then
Now Showing
Now You Know
On the Flip Side
On the Other Hand
Our Time Is Now
Our Turn
Out of the Ordinary
Out of This World
Outside In
Picture Perfect
Points of View
Piece of the puzzle
Ready or Not
Right on Time
Say the Word
Shoot for the Stars
Subject to Change
Same Difference
So Much to Say
Some Assembly Required
Sooner or Later
Standing Out
Step by Step
System Overload
Take a Closer Look
Take Flight
Take Note
Talk of the town
Technically Speaking
The Big Adventure
The Big Picture
This Is It
This Is Our Story
This Moment
This Must Be the Place
This Time
Time After Time
To be Continued
Told You So
Top Secret
True Colors
Truth Be Told
Turn the Page
Under Cover
Under the Stars
Up in the Air
Up to Date
We Told You
What Did You Expect?
Written in the Stars
You Can Count On It
You Can Say That Again

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