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Success Story: 

"Less than 5 minutes guaranteed!"

Ashley, editor-in-chief on how to autoflow portraits in 5 minutes

Ashley was a participant in a one-hour workshop offered by United Yearbook, and learned the features of the auto-flow features of United Yearbook’s software. By the time she was finished with the workshop, she was uploading entire sections of portraits in five minutes. “Less than 5 minutes, guaranteed!” she emphasizes.


This amazing time-saving software aligns and assembles your portrait pages to make certain that portraits, names and quotes align perfectly, with only the touch of a button. One student can upload an entire senior class in minutes, not two to three students and hours of hit-and-miss and tweak-and-redo. 


“No struggles!” says Ashley. “Just have a layout idea in mind when working with the software, and stay consistent with the other pages of the yearbook to maintain a professional design.” 


Why don’t you find out about these auto-flow features for your yearbook? Any school or organization can bring bling to its yearbooks with United Yearbook’s software. It is easy to understand and easy to use, and if you ever have questions or issues, United Yearbook is always there, either on the phone or in-person! Let your creativity shine, with less stress! 


Ashley receives some bling when she is surprised with a bouquet of her favorite candy and a WINNER medal presented by United Yearbook! Jay Ho, the yearbook advisor, presents her with the gifts to thank her for the extraordinary work in helping implement the Yearbook software at DHS. Her enthusiasm for creating a premier yearbook models the attitude and team spirit which United Yearbook recognizes and passionately supports. 

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